Reduced costs

 Improved environment

 More productive workplace



 Increased income

 Uplift in asset value

 Improved tenant retention



The t3 Initiative is an industry-led program, run on a cost recovery model, designed to improve the performance of workplace, people and planet.


t3 solves the 'split incentive', an efficiency barrier in typical property leases, through the creation of a ‘connection incentive’. 


The 'connection incentive' gives both building owners and their business tenants an incentive to upgrade a premise during an existing lease period. Workplace lighting and solar power are the current focus. Other resource productivity improvements will follow.

t3 delivers guaranteed benefits to both parties. We call these benefits the triple bottom line: economic, environmental and social. Economic improvement for both the owner and the tenant; environmental improvement through asset upgrades; and social improvement with charity giving from each project.

Leverage existing cash-flows to improve outcomes for tenants and owners.



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Under the t3 ‘connection incentive’, there are guaranteed benefits to upgrading assets during the existing lease period:

Economic Benefits

For the building owner:

Your asset is upgraded, income

is increased and your workplace offering is improved between leases.

For the tenant:

You have no capital outlay, keep 20% of the savings and enjoy an improved workplace.

Environmental Benefits

For the building owner:

You reduce your carbon footprint and improve your building efficiency and cost.

For the tenant:

Upgrades reduce your carbon footprint and the improved Indoor Environment Quality creates a better workplace for your team.

Social Benefits

A charity will receive the project's carbon credits, as nominated by the owner and the tenant. 

The new t3 mechanism is creating investment which is creating jobs in our buildings.

t3 partners will also have a great story for stakeholders and demonstrate industry leadership in giving to the wider community and sustainability.

Independent t3 panels do the work for you so you don’t have to spend time and money on assessments.



Last updated: Aug 2018. Where estimates are used we will follow industry guidelines for how we calculate items.


The demonstration of financially rewarding, positive environmental projects is made possible by the:

  • Structure of the t3 Initiative

  • Backing of our supporting companies

  • Alignment with government carbon and energy-savings schemes.

Workplace lighting and solar power are the current focus of the t3 Initiative. Other resource productivity improvements will follow.

Improvement Project

Two Commercial Office Buildings

Location: Brisbane CBD, QLD

GHG Reduction p/a: 640 Tonnes

Expense Reduction p/a: $335,000

Charity Donation: $30,000

Solar Powered Operations and Healthy LED Lighting

One Commercial Office Building

Location: North Ryde, NSW

GHG Reduction p/a: 151 Tonnes

Solar System: 66kW

Charity Donation: $5,000

Industrial Energy
at Low Cost

One Industrial Complex

Location: Prestons, NSW

GHG Reduction p/a: 126 Tonnes

Solar System: 100kW

Tenant Cost of Green Power: 10c/kWh

Charity: TBC


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An industry-led program, run on a cost recovery model, developed by Incorp Advisory Pty Ltd